Across the Anglican world and in this Diocese – new things are happening.  Anglican Churches are beginning to think creatively and imaginatively about what they do and why they do what they do in a wholly new way.  St Christopher's is a Parish that seeks to be in the forefront of this new movement. 

At the heart of this new understanding is the desire to be of service to people  - to be a servant Church and to be able to offer those interested an experience of Church participation that is deeply satisfying and fulfilling as members engage with God in prayerfulness, through meditative engagement with the Scriptures and through seeing the life of God in one another.

Our experience of life brings many challenges and raises many issues about the nature of God and spirituality.  Our Parish seeks to be open to ask and confront difficult questions and to think and reflect upon them together in a prayerful way.

Many Christians in our time are finding that learning a way of inner stillness and practising the ancient tradition of Christian meditation as a part of prayerfulness are means to a deepening encounter with God through Christ.  St Christopher's encourages these traditional disciplines of the Church.